Julia Ma


This book is a visual transcription of a scene from the 2014 award winning movie Whiplash. The film depicts the unsteady relationship between a determined student Andrew and his abusive instructor Fletcher.

The scene in this book takes place during the last ten minutes of the movie after Fletcher vindictively embarrasses Andrew on the Lincoln Center stage. Hurt and ashamed at first, the drummer runs off stage but soon becomes determined to prove himself. The piece he plays in this scene is Caravan, one that he had practiced during the whole film.

This book is accordion-bound and comes with a removable black dust-jacket. Each spread is roughly tabloid size to reference the size of typical sheet music. It is about 80 pages long and when stretched out is over 56 feet long.

The typeface used in this book is Berthold Akzidenz Grotesk Medium. Everything else is hand-written and hand-drawn. This chapbook was designed and printed in 2016.